Monday, October 30, 2006

angry squishy head

angry squishy head
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My family has to have the stupidest sense of humour ever. Doing things like the pictures below can keep us amused for hours.

me and ET

This was the best birthday ever...more than anything b/c ET paid me a visit. Now how many people get ET to visit them on their b-days??? This makes me feel pretty special!

The weekend started out with some good climbing followed by fantastic beers and food with Ewa and her lovely second half Dave. Let me tell you just how much your shoulder blades hurt when you haven't been climbing in ages!!! But doing it after such a long time reminded me of how much I like it...perhaps it is time to revive and old hobby???

On Sat Hads and I went out for dinner and had the worst picture ever of us voted by us taken.

The meal was fantastic...but after too much drinking and eating all I wanted to do was go home and get into my sweat pants. Aparently many of us were in the same boat as Dias left me one of her usualy funny messages saying she was too drunk to come over.
Sunday was a usual day with the Fam....and the rest of the crew

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Halloween Party

This weekend it was my SIL's b-day. Here are some pics from her Halloween party...a look at my family can surely explain where I come from ....

Hadi and I re-creating the beasty boys

My gene pool...boy oh boy

My mom and I in our original getup

Smelling the pretty flower that is my brother and his lovely bumble bee wife

A guest appearance from Sr. Jose from Salamanca. His specialty= The Flamenco!

Wow should put that drink down! Oh no that's not a is Silvina

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

An introductory me

This blog is just one more thing on my list of things to try out...but most likely won't sustain the attention span to do very often.

You see...I am somewhat of a chronic hobbier. In the last 5 years I have taken up the following hobbies and have proceeded to abandon almost all of them. Let the list begin.

In no particular order:

- painting
- knitting
- gardening
- landscape design
- scuba diving (sadly once every 2 years)
- dodge ball
- in line skating
- sand surfing (not really viable in Canada!!)
- squash
- cooking (when I can't get the wife to do it)
- Martha Stewart type event hosting (4 parties o f 25+ people in the past year...not too bad)
- photography
- house painting (managed to do 4 houses this summer...)
- carpentry
- cross country skiing (now a downhill ski snob...I've resorted to this in flat old Ontario)
- kayaking
- canoeing
- building design
- parasailing
- home renovations
- furniture rearranging (my speciality at 1 am)
- surfing
- stocks
- kick boxing
- yoga
- capoeira
- writing
- rock climbing
- learning Italian/Portuguese/Arabic ( hummm yeah..I don't think so)
- sax playing ( even got a new sax!)
- water polo (alright it was inner tube...)
- traveling... (sadly now that I am in the grown up working world....not quite as often)

I am sure by next week I will have one or two more to add on to the list.